Link to Teachscape  (www.teachscape.com)

How to access:
  •     Go to "Customer Login"
  •     Go to "Teachscape Effectiveness Platform," click GO
  •     Enter "Username" (which is your school email address)
  •     Click "Activate Account"
  •     Note:  The email address to set-up your Teachscape Account was taken from the district information which has your legal name. For example, my address is gschaffer@browndeerschools.com, but if my legal first name is Snicker, Teachscape will have sschaffer@browndeerschools.com. This means that I will not receive an email back even if I enter sschaffer@browndeerschools because my legal name is different than my email address. If you are using a different first name for your email address than your legal name, please let Greg Schaffer know so I can make the change with Teachscape. 
How to access Livebinder Presentation: