Gmail Tips and Tricks

                GMAIL Tips and Tricks


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Account Structure

  • Your “locations” like Inbox, Trash (Deleted Items), Sent Items and Spam folder are on the left-hand side.

  • Your folders, are now labels and are on the left.

  • Access to calendar and contacts and tasks is at the upper-right.

  • Access to other Apps services, search bar, manual refresh and settings are near the top.

Labels and Filters

  • Labels in Gmail replace Folders in Outlook.  They are not mutually exclusive!  An email can be associated with more than one label!  The exception to this is with the Sent, Draft, Spam and Trash messages.

    • This can be particularly useful for searching through and organizing your mail.

  • Filters in Gmail replace Rules in Outlook.  You can create a filter directly from a message or from the settings area.

Search for Messages

Inbox Types/Organization

  • Conversations can be turned off under the general settings area for a more traditional view of your inbox

  • The inbox settings can be adjusted to show you different displays including important, unread, starred and priority inboxes

Mail Delegation

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