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How to add a printer

  1. Purpose: If a user needs to add a printer to their machine, this document will walk the user through the exact steps to do so.

  2. Scope This document is meant for Staff and authorized users at Brown Deer School District.

  3. Assumptions Users should be able to log into their computers and be able to navigate the Brown Deer School District Employee Portal.

  4. Procedure/Documentation Open Internet Explorer Go to the Brown Deer Schools – Employee Portal (http://bdsdweb01/tech/) Click on the “Add Printers” Icon (third row down, all the way to the right) Navigate to the printer you need using the button that says “Next 10 Printers” Click on the printer you would like to add, on the left side click “connect” If you are prompted for log in information, use the same log in you would to sign into your computer Finished

  5. Other Comments If you would like to make this the default printer, there should be an option prompted while you’re adding it. If not, follow these steps; Click the start button Click Printers Right click the printer you want to be default Make this default printer Finished

  6. Attachments If issues arise, please contact the Tech Staff. (We DO NOT support personal inkjets)