Ticketing with Spiceworks

1.     Purpose: This document is to inform staff and registered users about the new ticketing mechanism, how to log into it and how to use it

2.    Scope: This document is meant for Staff and authorized users at Brown Deer School District

3.     Assumptions: Users should be able to log into their computers, use either Chrome or Internet Explorer

4.   Procedure/Documentation:

a.     Open Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or even My Computer

b.     In the address bar  enter (or click) http://sos/portal press enter

c.      Use your Brown Deer Username (@bdsd.com) and password to log in

d.     Enter whatever information you like, then press save

e.      Proceed to the attached Screen shots for information regarding the specified fields

5.    Other Comments: This address will be accessible in the future by just typing sos/portal once your browser has gone through the previous link at least once

6.    Attachments: N/A