Release quarantine emails

1. Purpose:  If a district staff finds emails that are Quarantined and not being displayed, this documentation will show him/her how to release those emails.

2. Scope:  This document is meant for Staff and authorized users at Brown Deer School District. 

3. Assumptions:  Users should be able to log into their computers, use either Chrome or Internet Explorer. 

4. Procedure/Documentation:  Open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. In the address bar enter (copy paste this) press enter Use your full BDSD Email and password (ie.
    • Once inside, you will see a list of emails that have been blocked. 
    • You can HOLD SHIFT and click on the top/bottom then the corresponding top/bottom to select them all, OR hold CONTROL and click on them individually.
    • Above the emails, there a GREEN button that says RELEASE, click that to release your emails.
    • You are now finished.
5. Other Comments:  Entering this site manually is an option if the user would like to have access to the quarantined emails immediately.  Otherwise, when a user receives an email (they arrive every 4 hours) at the bottom of the quarantine message there is a link that can be followed that takes them to the same address.

6. Attachments:  If issues arise, please contact the Tech Staff