Configure Outlook

1. Purpose: This document outlines the procedures one must take to configure Microsoft Outlook.

2. Scope: This document should be referenced by the Brown Deer School District’s computer users.

3. Assumptions: That the user is capable of using Outlook to navigate one’s email, must have basic computing skills. Also, user MUST be logged into the computer with THEIR credentials (Outlook will poll the ‘current’ users account settings)

4. Procedure/Documentation
    • Open Outlook (The Outlook startup box will appear)
    • Click NEXT
    • Account Configuration
      1. Check YES (default)
      2. Click NEXT
    • Email Accounts – Server Type
      2. Click NEXT
    • Email Accounts – Server Settings
      1. Microsoft Exchange Server: BDSD-EXCH01
      2. Check USE CACHED EXCHANGE MODE (default)
      3. User Name: LOGIN NAME (first initial + last name IE; eragozin)
      4. Click NEXT
    • Now that all the information has been entered click FINISH
    • Outlook will now launch and begin downloading all of your messages and folders from the previous years. This could take some time, so please be patient.
    • Restoring Personal Settings (stationery, signatures, etc.)
    • Things like personal stationery or personal signatures are computer specific. For this reason, it will need to be recreated on your new system.

5. Other Comments: If upon completing this form you’re still unable to log into your email please contact the tech department.