Computer deployment preparation

1. Purpose: This document will walk users through the steps to getting their district issued CPU ready to be replaced. It is designed to prevent the loss of necessary data.

2. Scope: All district employee’s (with a MY DOCUMENTS save) have access to this information.

3. Assumptions: Staff members have a working log in and access to their files. Basic knowledge of cut and paste procedures are required.

4. Procedure/Documentation
  • Log into computer using your own information
  • COPY>PASTE (or drag and drop) all files you wish to save into MY DOCUMENTS
  • Make note of any specific icons on desktop, as well as any specific favorites that may be “hard to find” in the future. (Specifically ones that were suggest to the user that will be troublesome to find in the future)
  • Fill out check list below and leave it near the computer
5. Other Comments: If help is required, or any questions need to be resolved please contact the IT department.

6. Attachments: Please check off the following
    • Documents copied over to proper folder
    • Check here if you have an extensive list of favorites to be saved
    • If you have special software, check here and list below