Change your password

1.     Purpose: This document provides information about changing a user’s network password through the standard log in system.

2.     Scope: All Brown Deer School District staff and email users.

3.     Assumptions: User must have a current Brown Deer School District log in and basic computing skills.

4.     Procedure/Documentation

                                                           -Login to any computer as yourself (first initial + last name)

                                              -Once logged in, and on the main screen, press CONTROL + ALT + DELETE

                                                        -A box will come up with multiple options, click on CHANGE PASSWORD

                                                                         -The new screen will have multiple empty fields

                                                                                           -Type in your old password 

                                                                                      -Type in your new password twice 

-NOTE-A password change can take up to 15 minutes to take effect depending on how busy the servers are, please be patient.

5. Other Comments: Remember Brown Deer School District Password Policies!
  • Eight character minimum
  • case sensitive
  • mix of both letters and numbers
  • complexity rules (at least two of the following)
  • special characters (ex. $, #, @, ! &, or ~)
  • mix of capital or lower case letters (ex. Br0wnd33r, bd$21$21) NOTE – Changing your password affects all network logins and email logins.