Adding a printer to the network

1. Purpose: This will walk administrative users through the process of adding a new printer to the BDSD Domain and setup its user controls.

2. Scope: Administrative tech staff of BDSD should reference this document.

3. Assumptions: It is assumed that said staff have full control to group policy and print servers.

4. Procedure/Documentation: 

        Print configuration page on printer
    • assign static IP
    • download manufacturers Windows Server 2003 Drivers 
      • 7 ZIP them into one folder

        Log into print server – BDSDPRINT01
    • place the ZIPPED folder into E:\drivers

        Go add printer
    • add a LOCAL Printer (do not use the auto detection)
    • Create NEW PORT : Standard TCP/IP Port
    • the printer name should be the STATIC IP ADDRESS
      • Next > Finish > Have disk > E:\drivers
    • Once it is recognized name it the SCHOOL + ROOM (ex: HS_151)
      • Location = ROOM Comment = IP

        Right click the new printer, go to properties
    • Permissions > Security and remove the everyone
    • Add districtstaffsecurity
      • Go to entire directory (if you want students to use it) add sg-students

        Now we have to make a new Group Policy for this printer
    • Right click > NEW and name it after the new printer (ex: HS_151)
    • Settings > User Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel > Printers > NEW
      • Shared printer – drop down for action = CREATE
      • Name (ex: HS_151)
    • For the printer path you’ll have to find it (ex: \\bdsdprint01\______)
      • There is a common tab with a check box that reads “Run in logged-on…” check it ON

5. Other Comments: 
These steps are slightly complicated, if you have trouble with it contact Administrative Tech Lead.