Add a printer

1. Purpose: If a user needs to add a printer to their machine, this document will walk the user through the exact steps to do so.

2. Scope: This document is meant for Staff and authorized users at Brown Deer School District.

3. Assumptions: Users should be able to log into their computers and be able to navigate the Brown Deer School District Employee Portal.

4. Procedure/Documentation: Open Internet Explorer Go to the Brown Deer Schools – Employee Technology Portal 
  • Click on “Add A Printer” in the left sidebar found under Resources
  • Navigate to the printer you need using the button that says “Next 10 Printers” 
  • Click on the printer you would like to add 
  • On the left side click “connect” 
  • If you are prompted for log in information, use the same log in you would to sign into your computer 
  • Finished

5. Other Comments: If you would like to make this the default printer, there should be an option prompted while you’re adding it. If not, follow these steps; Click the start button Click Printers Right click the printer you want to be default Make this default printer Finished

6. Attachments: If issues arise, please contact the Tech Staff. (We DO NOT support personal inkjets)