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Kara Turner

K12 Library Director & Instructional Technology - 371-7055

Erik Jeffrey

Technology Department- 371-6736

Drew Jones

Technology Department- 371-6779

Sally LaPorte

Library Media Specialist - BDE- 371-6921

Lisa Albers-

Technology Integrator- BDMHS- 371-7083

Kelly Whelpley

Technology Integrator- BDE- 371-6921

Sue Laurent

Program Coordinator- BDE/BDMHS- 371-6921 or-7059

Our Commitment

Empowering teachers to integrate current technology in the classroom to enhance student learning!

Our Vision
  •   Learning is interactive and student driven.

  • Educators play an important role in balancing technology with human relations.

  • Technology at its best is transparent.  Teaching about the computer should be minimized, and using the computer as a tool for learning and thinking should be maximized.

  • The ethical issues of technology and technology’s impact on society should be integrated into the curriculum of every subject area.

  • Through the use of technology, teachers should be instructional managers rather than purveyors of information.