Atomic Learning

Logging In to Atomic Learning
We have a special URL that we use to access Atomic Learning.  It can be found here or at: Your username and password to Atomic Learning is the same as it is to log into the network and Google Apps.  It's that easy.  If you are new to the district or are having difficulty accessing your account, you can use a generic username and password:  browndsd

Logging in to Atomic Learning using the Atomic Learning iPad App

You can download the free APP from iTunes here   

1.    Tap log-in and enter your Network username and password (the same one we use for Google Apps)

2.    Tap on the advanced field and enter our realm (customer identifier): browndeerschools

3.    Important Distinctions when using the Atomic Learning iPad App vs. accessing Atomic Learning on iPad with Browser

      a. You can still log into Atomic Learning via the Browser on the iPad--you still need to go to the LDAP url  and you will receive a cookie for future browser log-ins

      b. Direct Linking will activate the browser on the iPad NOT the APP

Accessing Training

To access the training, click the URL: . Under "Home" select "Go To My Training." You will see expandable windows, select the " My Training." You will see Recommended Training as a link at the bottom. Try those out! You can also search and access other training resources too!

Below is the video on how to access the Atomic Learning Site, access the resources and training available to you.

Atomic Learning Login Access Tutorial